Case Studies

Working with our partners, we provide low risk, proven offshoring solutions

Case Studies

A history of offshoring success

  • E-book Content Provider

    An E-book content provider needed to reduce cataloguing costs of front-list titles for e-book content that they delivered to university libraries around the world.  These libraries required the client to provide accurately catalogued front-list titles.  Existing paid services were inaccurate and expensive.

    By working with librarians from the Philippines we were able to help:

    • Develop an interface that enabled them catalogue 100% of our new content
    • Our offshore solution reduced costs to 30% of the cost of existing paid services

  • Computer-aided design (CAD)

    An Australian mid-sized steel manufacturer needed to cut Computer-aided design (CAD) costs.  In-house Computer-aided design (CAD) costs were becoming too expensive to manage.

    We worked with their technical team to:

    • Provide offshore Computer-Aided Design (CAD) operators to assist in the creation of steel processing design
    • Reduce costs to 25% of Australian CAD operator costs, with equivalent levels of quality.

  • Newspaper Publishing

    A newspaper company operating in the Melbourne and Geelong region sought to expand operations while optimizing costs.

    We worked with management to:

    • Utilise offshore graphic designers, web developers and content developers embedded into the company operations at a fraction of the cost of in-house staff.
    • Minimise cost of operations by 60% – while retaining Australian-quality output

  • Order Processing

    A flooring solutions provider for large property management companies in California needed to improve its order processing system to reduce costs and pass on the benefit to its customers.The client used a remote desktop platform for information sharing and retrieval. This posed challenges on the speed and connectivity.

    We worked with an offshore provider to:

    • Transition to a cloud computing environment to take care of slow connectivity issues
    • Employ an experienced offshore team possessing skills and knowledge of order processing methods and techniques
    • Realise cost savings to the tune of 60%, with increased quality of service from the cloud computing platform